Providing High Quality, Professional Service is Our Priority

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to the Gambit Systems web site. My name is Robert Neff. I am the manager and owner of Gambit Systems, LLC.

I have been in the IT field for several years. A while back, I realized that large corporations have the resources to maintain huge full time IT departments as well as call in the services of high profile consulting companies without batting an eye. But, I thought to myself: “What about the small businesses that don’t have those kinds of resources and yet still need to remain competitive?” I recognized that there was both a need and a niche for a company that could bring professional IT consulting services to the “Little Guy” without the red tape. As a result, I formed Gambit Systems, LLC early in 2001.

Over the years, I have worked very hard both in acquiring an education and also through my professional career to become a skilled and knowledgeable IT professional. However, I believe that raw technical skills


are not enough when it comes to providing quality customer service to companies that are looking to grow and enhance their existing business. To be sure, technical skills are necessary, but they are not all that is necessary.

Solid analytical skills are required in order to analyze a company’s existing business processes and determine where and how technology can be leveraged in order to bring the most benefit to the business. Strong organizational, planning, and project management skills are required in order successfully implement and integrate new technologies and business processes into a company’s existing business model. Good communication and interpersonal skills are required in order to effectively work with client personnel to develop, implement, and support the IT solutions that will ultimately become a vital part of a client’s business. Last of all, but arguably most important, is the need for honesty and integrity, without which there can be no solid basis for a profitable and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Throughout my career, I have endeavored to cultivate and develop the above mentioned skills and qualities. My reputation speaks to this fact. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and your company. Given the opportunity, I am confident that I can provide you with services that will prove to be beneficial to your business endeavors.