Are you in need of a temporary or part-time computer professional? Why hire an employee and deal with the resulting overhead from the IRS? Let us provide you with a skilled IT consultant. You can bring us in on a contract basis for just a few hours a month at a fraction of our normal rates.

To ensure quality service, we will place the same consultant at your disposal for each contracted visit to help you with your computer and networking needs. We will quickly get up to speed with the computer requirements of your business and be there when you need us, just like an employee.

Based in the Largo Seminole area of Florida, we at Gambit Systems LLC, are dedicated to providing quality network consulting, computer support, and contract computer services to the small business community in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. In addition to 15+ years of proven industry experience, members of our staff hold certifications from respected organizations such as Microsoft and Cisco. Further, our staff is constantly training on the newest technologies in order to provide our clients with a level of customer service that is second to none.

We are determined to consistently provide our clients with timely and high quality service for a fair price. In other words, we provide our clients with “bang for their buck”. When our clients bring us in on a project, they can rest assured that the job will be done right. Client satisfaction is very important to us. If our client’s aren’t happy, then we’re not happy. We want to help you achieve your goals and in so doing, establish a relationship that is based on quality of service, honesty, and trust.

  • Setup Remote Access to Your System
  • Augment Your IT Staff Without Long-Term Commitments
  • Protect Your Network from Viruses & Hacker Attacks
  • Acquire Personalized Technical Training & Tutoring
  • Make Practical & Cost-Effective IT Decisions
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Computer Problems
  • Support & Manage Your Existing Computers & Networks
  • Install or Upgrade the Programs You Rely On To Run Your Business
  • Upgrade Your Existing Computers or Networks
  • Plan & Implement a New Network

We Can Help You:

We at Gambit Systems, LLC Can Help

We can provide you with the technical computer and network support you need. Whether you need us to help you set up, install, and configure a single computer, or design, implement, and maintain an entire network, we are ready to assist you. If you want to upgrade or enhance any part of your existing network or computer systems, or just maintain your existing environment, we can help. If you need us to help you with a single project or provide you with ongoing maintenance and support, we want to be of service to you.

We Provide Solid, Reliable Service With A Personal Touch

It’s a real drag on any business or organization when there are computer problems. Even when everything is working, the daily task of managing the computers and networks that support a business’s livelihood can be daunting. When you’re trying to focus on doing business, performing network and system upgrades isn't exactly a welcome responsibility. Dealing with the threats brought by computer viruses and hacker attacks is no picnic either.

Once it has been put in place, managing the technology that supports an organization's livelihood can be a time consuming and frustrating job. This is especially true when those charged with supporting an organization's technology base are trying to focus on other tasks such as bringing in new business.

Our Vision