Located in Pinellas County, Florida, we at Gambit Systems, LLC. offer our network consulting and computer support services to the small business community in the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Computer & Network Support (IT Help Desk)

We provide support in clear non-technical language that is easy to understand.

When one of your users needs help with an application, computer, or other device, they should be able to pick up the phone and get the support that they need from a qualified IT Professional.  In many cases, we will be able to resolve problems remotely so that there will be no need for further delays waiting for a technician to be dispatched to your location.
We can assist you with the day-to-day maintenance and support of your networks and systems; including upgrades, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and problem resolution.

Server & Workstation Management

We can help keep your systems running smoothly & reliably so you can do what you do best.

We can help to maximize server and workstation uptime by proactively keeping systems up to date, monitoring performance, and addressing the need for backup and recovery.  Whenever possible, we do this remotely so as to minimize any disruption to your daily business operations.

Technical Training & Tutoring

We can help either individuals or groups become more effective in using technology.

Ever wonder how to accomplish everyday tasks on your workstation, mobile phone, or tablet? Is there an application that you want to learn to use more effectively? We can provide you with technical training and tutoring either in person or over the phone & Internet.

Network Design & Implementation

We can help you provide a solid & reliable foundation to support the handling of your business data.

A solid and reliable network infrastructure is critical to the success of any business.  It is the foundation that all of your computers, applications, and associated devices rely on in order to successfully interoperate and exchange the data that is vital to your organization.
Proper planning is the first step toward achieving a successful network implementation or upgrade. This planning should consider how your organization uses information in the course of conducting business so that a proposed network design or enhancement will improve the efficiency and security with which your users access network resources such as servers and printers.
We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you put together a sound network deployment or upgrade plan that will specifically meet the current and future needs of your organization.  Once the network design phase has been completed, we can help to make your planned network installation or enhancement a reality.

Security Analysis & Enhancement

Let us help to identify & address issues before they become a real problem.

It has been said that time is money. In today’s world, one can also say that data is money. Computer viruses, malware, and hacker attacks can rob an individual or an organization of time, data, and yes, money. In addition, security threats can come either intentionally or unintentionally from inside or outside of an organization.  Security risks can even include the threat of such things as data corruption or the loss of access to data due to system failure.
Is it possible for one of your own users to inadvertently access or delete confidential data?  Could your network or systems be compromised because an employee connected to your network with their personal computer or mobile device without realizing that it had been compromised with a virus or some other malicious piece of software?  Could your organization’s confidential data or intellectual property have been exposed to the public because of how your users’ utilize cloud storage solutions, tablets, and other mobile devices?
We can help you to assess your risk exposure as well as provide recommendations and practical solutions geared toward limiting your exposure to such threats. We can help you put the right mix of antivirus software, firewall technologies, and other safeguards in place in order to protect your valuable data, and the computer equipment that supports your business or organization.

Remote & Onsite Support

We provide our clients with individualized support that works best for their needs.

Even when networks and the systems that they support are being properly maintained, unforeseen problems and technical difficulties will still come up from time to time.  It is also a fact that hardware can fail in spite of measures that have been taken to mitigate the risk.
We can provide you with personalized IT support remotely over the Internet & on the phone.  When it is necessary, we can dispatch one of our IT Professionals to your location to help you to resolve the issues that you are experiencing.

Strategic IT Analysis & Technical Planning

Let us help you make cost-effective rather than costly technology decisions.

It is important to take the proper time to plan and assess your goals and options before making a good decision.  This is especially true when it comes to making decisions related to the technology needs of your organization.
Proper IT planning focuses on designing a computing infrastructure that is capable of supporting your current business needs and that is capable of adapting to and supporting your long term needs in the future.  This infrastructure should be maintainable and flexible in order to allow for growth.
If strategic IT analysis and planning is not carried out, inappropriate or unnecessary financial expenditures on computing systems can result.  In addition, if a given computing environment is not properly designed or sized, outages can occur that can have an adverse effect on business.  This is why it is vital for every organization, no matter how small; to give serious thought to proper IT planning before investing time, money, and effort in the implementation of technology.
We can help you to tailor design a viable IT Strategic plan aimed at supporting your IT needs both now and in the foreseeable future based on your budget.

Ongoing Support Contracts

Need IT support without long-term commitments?  We can help you.

Do you need on-going Information Technology (IT) support but can’t afford full time IT staff? Does your existing IT staff need a little extra help, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring another employee? We can solve your dilemma.

We will tailor design a support contract to your specific needs that will place a skilled IT professional at your disposal at a fraction of our normal, non-contracted rates.

Our custom support contracts are designed to be flexible. No long-term commitments are required. We offer computer / network support contracts as short as four hours a week over a period of one month.

To ensure quality service, we will place the same consultant at your disposal for each contracted visit to help you with your computer and networking needs. We will quickly get up to speed with the computer requirements of your business and be there when you need us, just like an employee.

Additional Services

We want to help you get the assistance that you need.

We are always looking for ways to provide better service to our clients. If there is any question as to whether or not we are able to provide a desired service, please contact us. In the event that the desired service is not one that we offer, we may be able to recommend someone who can assist you.

Our Services

Providing Personal & Professional Customer Service Is Key

When experiencing network or computer problems, we at Gambit Systems, LLC. do not want our clients to be further impacted by having to take more of their valuable time to pack up their computer equipment and bring it to us. When our clients need computer tech support, all they have to do is pick up the phone.  We have technologies in place in order to provide expedited support remotely over the Internet.  In the event that support is required on-site, we will dispatch one of our representatives ASAP.